Cubans stand out in Argentinean League

HAVANA, Cuba, December 26, 2019 – Cuban Miguel Angel Lopez scored 20 points to lead the attack in the straight-set victory of UPCN San Juan over Gigantes del Sur to claim the title of Copa RUS of the Men’s Argentinean Volleyball League.

The tournament closed the volleyball season for 2019 in the South American country.

Lopez also stood out with 27 points in the semifinal match against Bolivar Club. Other Cuban players –Jesus Herrera and Yohan Leon- contributed wit 24 and 17 points, respectively.

Meanwhile, Osniel Melgarejo, José Carlos Romero, Javier Concepción and Julio César Cárdenas, all contributed to the bronze medal won by Bolivar over Obras de San Juan.

All Cuban players –including Livan Osoria, who played for Ciudad Voley- return to Havana to finish the preparation for the NORCECA Men’s Qualification Tournament Tokyo 2020 to take place in Vancouver, Canada from January 10 to 12 where one ticket to the Olympic Games will be up-for-grabs.

They will be joined by Robertlandy Simon and Roamy Alonso who are returning from Italy and Marlon Yang from France.

The squad will play three matches against Chile starting on Friday and then three more against Venezuela from January 3 to 5 at Escuela Nacional de Voleibol, before departing to Canada on January 8.